Gantt View - Please show task list and task names in full rather than cutting them off at a preset width

Right now the width of the column in Gantt View that shows the name of a task list or the task inside it is hardcoded to be a certain width. There are no options to resize the column. This means that any task name that is greater than that width is effectively cut off.

The only way to view the full task name is to expand the right hand side task view. In Timeline View you can at least hover over the task name to see it in full, but that isn’t possible in Gantt View. Instead hovering over it triggers the ability to rename the task (which you can’t see in full so how would you know what it is you’re renaming from and to?).

Please add the ability to resize the columns or at least show the task list and task names in full.Yes it will eat away into the Gantt calendar but at least the user will be able to see what it is that the task is about.


Agreed! This severely limits the usefulness of the feature.