Gantt view - change left hand columns

My Gantt view left hand columns only show Date Range and Duration. I want to change that to drop Duration and add Dependencies. How do I do that?


Hi @Steve_Quayle,

Currently the left-hand columns of the Gantt view are fixed and can’t be modified.

The Gantt view is pretty new and and while this is just a conjecture, my bet is Asana will enhance it at some point to make those columns more flexible.

You might want to add a Product Feedback topic with this request (and then vote for it with the purple button you’ll see there after you post).

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Can i just add that the current static nature of the left-hand columns make the gantt chart feature effectively unusable for me. I think it will be great, but right now since I can’t resize the column, I can only see 4-5 words of a task name without opening up the side panel to see more details about the task. It will be impossible to get people in my organization to engage with this view when they can’t understand the full details of the task easily. Is it possible to change this so we can resize the column or wrap the text of the task name?


You might want to check out Instagantt - it 2-way synchs nicely with Asana and offers a lot more of the expected Gantt features.

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I think a choice is looming between Asana and the new MS Planner/MS Project release this year

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Thanks for flagging. Yes, I have been using Instagantt as a temporary fix. I like the Asana gantt better visually, because it is cleaner and easier to manipulate the time line. Plus I’m already paying for it and don’t like the idea of potentially having to pay for another product or directing people in my org to yet another project management program.

I’m not a developer, but I feel like resizing columns shouldn’t be a huge ask and would make the Asana gantt so much more usable.


Instagantt is amazing - the best, most usable gantt chart I’ve found - and it does sync wtih asana, however they don’t translate well. When you format a project in instagantt (nested tasks for example) it doesn’t translate in a pretty way back in asana. Also, unless you have all your users registered in both places, it seems you loose the ability to comment and tag people in instagantt, so you have to move back and forth between the two which is less than ideal.