Full Preview for Project Templates

At the start of April 2022 Asana introduced New Project Templates. Mostly this is great!

One problem I have, however, is that I can’t see any way to preview a template before creating the project. This was one very handy feature about the legacy project templates - it was easy to see what was in the template before using it for a live project. It was nice to have an idea of what you were jumping into, but also indispensable for training new employees on how/when to use a particular template.

Is this something that can be done with Project Templates 2.0 and I’m missing it?

if not:

Please consider adding a preview function to the new Project Templates setup.

There is a preview like the one below, but it is partial, and you were expecting a full preview correct?


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman. To clarify, yes I meant a full preview of the main view (whether list, board, etc.)

It’s not a massive issue for us, just a nice-to-have. Our main use for it would be training, so not something we require every other day.

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