Asana Template Updates all existing projects?

I’m just wondering if this is possible (maybe with higher Asana plan?) OR [blasphemy] if there exists any tool that does this?

I’d like to be able to create a template and use that template to create projects, but anytime some is added to the template, it automatically updates all the projects that were created from that template?

Use case and reason is because when we create a template, it’s really a list of tasks for a specific process we have. But we re-evaluate our processes every quarter, so if we decide it’s time to add different sections/tasks to the template, we have to manually remember to go into each existing project and update those manually.

Is there any way to automate that so when the template’s update, so do all the projects?


Hi @Kymberli_Feng,

This isn’t currently possible in any subscription level and I don’t believe there’s any 3rd party tool that can do it.

You can vote for this capability to be added here:

It would be quite a challenge and potentially perilous, as Bastien points out in that other thread.

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