Full history of all changes made to a task (or project or team or org)

Is there any way to get a full history log of anything done in the context or a task and/or a project and/or a team and/or an organization?

The audit log API does not see to include the events we need (which is everything - we need to know who did what to which task and what they did).

Doesn’t matter how to do it - i.e. we’re willing to write code that parses emails, makes API calls, iterates through things - anything - we just need SOME method to get a full log of what happened and we will keep it somewhere.



I think you’d have to explore webhooks and events:

and see if that lets you capture everything you want.

The audit log API and the audit trail (stories) in tasks are not complete, and the latter compresses changes that occur within shorter periods.

Hope that helps a bit,


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Brilliant - it has everything we need. Thank you so much Larry.

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Just be aware that at levels above the task, there are some gaps in the events that get generated so you won’t get EVERYTHING. For example, adding or removing a custom field from a project should fire the project change event but it doesn’t.

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