Free access for teams/projects fighting COVID-19

I’d like to know if you have any plans regarding communities/teams/projects/initiatives/association that work together to fight COVID-19. There are multiple hackathons in several countries (France, Germany) with initiatives built by people, most of them use Trello, and most of them are a mess of organisation, they could use a tool like Asana. But they don’t have any budget (community-driven), with teams ranging from 4 to 40 people.

Also, they don’t have any official status, they’re not a proper association, etc.

Asana in free mode is limited to 15 people (AFAIK), I would like to know if you’ve thought about that, and what you could do to support those efforts.

I haven’t started promoting Asana because of those limitations, learning curve, and I don’t plan to until an official answer is given on this matter.

I’m thinking adding a “This project helps fight against COVID-19” checkbox at signup, and make it free of use for teams up to 50 people. That would help some projects!


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If you haven’t seen it already, have a look at this tweet from Asana and the form it links to:

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Awesome, I had missed it, and it’s exactly what I hoped for!


Yeah, technically speaking I’ve asked for it for another COVID-19 project, but they check for official paperwork that makes it harder to get it for community projects such as those created during a hackathon and such. Eventually the team used Trello because it was faster to get started there.

But you may also create a free project, up to 15 people and then ask for it?

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Did you try asking at ?

I didn’t go through the application because some people preferred using Trello (familiarity), I don’t think there is “bad will” at hand here, just the cumbersome process of verifying applications that slows down the whole thing. Asking for paperwork is their right to do so, it’s just not aligned with the urgency of the matter and the context of such applications. I’ve helped 3 projects to start from scratch and none of them has any kind of official paperwork (France).

Kinda mismatch between expectations and reality, but I wouldn’t be so harsh on them either.