How does Asana make a difference to how work gets done in teams?

I’m an independent consultant researching the concept of “collaborative work management”. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry. I’m learning about how products like Asana are helping teams of people to work in a way that better than old command and control ways of working or are better suited to distributed teams. Some people are also talking about the idea of tools like being your work operating system or “Work OS”.

If you are interested, I have posted something recently about this here

I’ve already found some interesting discussion threads on this forum. For example, how people are using Asana and Slack together, how Asana could be set up for a large organization and also using it OKRs.

I would like to know more about how you think Asana makes a difference in how work gets done in teams:

  • Do you feel Asana helps your team or the teams in your business to operate differently from those that don’t use tools like Asana?
  • Do you think the way you work using Asana can be applied to teams in any organization or business?
  • Have you noticed the way teams are using Asana is different now because of Covid-19?

All feedback is appreciated - thanks, James :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the Community Forum @James_Dellow!

If you are interested, I recommend you checking this section of our Guide that includes customer stories (from small businesses to large enterprises) and how they get great results with Asana:

I hope this helps!

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Thanks @Emily_Roman - any other recommendations would be great. I’ve been having a look through the forum already and found some great related discussion thread.