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Is there a way to get a form submission to automatically adhere to a specific task template?

For example, I’d like a form submission to trigger a new task with preset subtasks automatically assigned to preset team members. Is this possible?

Hello @Jennifer_Thompson
I recommend working with rules. You can set up and trigger a lot with these.

Regarding adding subtasks have a look here: Add "Create subtask" as an Action for Rules

You can also work a lot with custom fields that would then trigger a new action.

So basically in the form you create the result for specific questions is connected to a custom field. And depending on the option it then triggers a new action.

In case the project has tasks being created via form submissions and normal tasks then you might consider having a separate project where the submissions flow in so you can have all the rules set up there and they won‘t impact other tasks. And you can then have a rule to multihome the task (if required)

Alternatively if you would like even more customization and rule features you might want to have a look at Flowsana.


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