Form in Sharepoint... Can responses "feed into" Asana?

I have a 10 question survey for internal users to let us know if they need support from our graphics team. Is there a simple way for that form to feed into Asana as an “in-queue” type of request that I can determine if next step should or shouldn’t be taken?


Hey @Tina_Guthrow

Tasks created from forms show up in the furthest left in a Board or top most in a List view.

Tasks are added in order as the come in, stacking on top of each other.

You can also ‘connect’ form inputs to custom fields within your project. Then you can create rules that do thing with/to the task.

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Hi @Tina_Guthrow, unfortunately we currently don’t offer a Sharepoint Forms integration. However, you can achieve this using Asana Forms. You can find more information in this article: Forms • Asana :slight_smile:

Appreciate you both for the insight. I’ll check out these features.