Forms integration: Can form submissions modify existing tasks?

If I read the docs correctly, the Google Forms and WUFOO forms integrations can be used only to create new tasks on form submission. Is that right?

I have a need to expose some tasks in an Asana project to other people in my company, some of whom may not have Asana accounts set up. I’d love, for example, to generate a dynamic form that includes a list of tasks, like:

  • Task A
  • Task B
  • Task C

They could choose a task, then click submit, and some field value attached to that task would change as a result (or a comment is posted to that task).

I’m just trying to confirm if form submissions can modify existing tasks, or only trigger creating new ones.

  • List item

Did you have a look at Zapier to connect everything together?

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Thanks. I was checking out, but will take a look at Zapier!

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+1 for this. We have a project template that is used over and over. In addition to have a form be included as part of the project template, it would be great if we could link the form to tasks in that template. For example, if we had a date field on the form, it would then set the due date for a task on the project.

Big ask- but would create an incredible efficiency!