Form cover image will not display after upload

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

After uploading a cover image to forms, it will not display. Issue in both desktop app and web version.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create form
  2. Select “edit cover image” at top of form.

Browser version:


Upload screenshots below:


Hello Mark and thank you for your post.

Indeed, I’ve noticed the exact same weird behavior today.

Chrome - last version


Same for me on Business plan.

Also attempted on both Safari & Chrome. Nothing.

Broken thumbnail is the only thing that shows up.


Exactly the same I experienced yesterday 20 Nov… :confused:


I was having this issue last week and found if I sized the image right (800x120) it would work. Updating a few forms today and now even the correct size images aren’t displaying.

Hey all. Thanks for your insights. Looks to be more of a widespread issue. Hopefully Asana can look into and resolve.

Hi all, I am Nao from the Asana community team. Thank you very much for flagging this. I’ve gone ahead and escalated this to our development team to investigate it further. I will let you know once I have any updates.


We are having the same issue. Please advise on a solution.

Also having issue.

Issue looks to be resolved. Was able to successfully upload a cover photo.

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We are still having problems.

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Thanks, Mariola. I spoke too soon, still having issues.