Form Checkboxes to Instantiate Task Templates

It would be great to have the ability to select Task Templates to use within a project based on checkboxes within a form.

Use Case:
We use an intake form to build out a new client team based on criteria (We do this to populate the Overview tab). Within that form we ask which projects you want for that team (SEO, Email Marketing, etc).

Then within the project (that the form is attached to) are tasks for each project possible for a client used as a checklist for the PM to stand up those projects. Any project not being stood up for that client, its task is removed.

It would be nice if we could create Task Templates for each of those tasks and have the form create tasks from the Task Templates based on checkboxes selected. (like the connect to field but Map to Task Templates where I select a Task Template for each checkbox item)

This has many other uses when standing up new projects as well. If I have an SEO project, will I need On-page, Off-page, Setup GA/GTM, Audit, etc.

The person requesting the project obviously knows best what is needed (hopefully anyway) and having this functionality would more quickly stand up the project. I also can create rules for new tasks added as those tasks could have assignee and fields to trigger those rules.

Especially nice for any Global Task Templates if we ever get those :wink:

Then I can spend more time helping my team reach their OKRs rather than doing a bunch of house keeping. Something Asana is all about :grinning:

This could be used for dropdown selectors also if I want a boolean selection.

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Good suggestion, @Getz_Pro.

(FYI the link in your post is to the restricted Asana Together forum area so not available to the public.)

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thanks. Dropped it for reference but it can’t be if most can’t access it lol

@Getz_Pro Hi Richard. My team would love this ability too!! Have you found a software that could fulfill the same solution?

@Getz_Pro FYI I think you could accomplish something similar using the new Add Tasks… rule action in our Flowsana integration. It allows you to add a set of top-level tasks (and subtasks below them if desired) from template as the result of any rule trigger (like a custom field value that’s mapped to a form checkbox). This capability essentially allows one to dynamically build a project based on values in its existing tasks.


As Phil mentioned, you can use Flowsana today. I do believe Asana will add this capability to Rules soon. We now have create a project from template based on a Rule trigger so the task template can’t be too far behind.