Flexible text size in android app

I would prefere to see more tasks at once in the android app. May be it is possible to shrink or enlarge the text size by using the volume controlls of the phone or to set the text size in the app settings.

DEFINITELY. Currently, the in-app list and widget list is pure WASTE OF SPACE.

I want to bump this request. I use the widget and want to see, at a glance, the main tasks from a few different lists, i.e. to have a few small widgets. Because the Asana widget on Android has large text size and sooo much space, in a 2x2 widget, I can see just the beginning text of only 3 tasks.

Because of this limitation, I have been using Google Tasks up till now (also because it is faster to load, but Asana’s app is also faster than it used to be, so this is becoming a moot point), because it shows me 10-11 tasks in a 2x2 widget.

However, this workaround is really poor because Google is beginning to limit the ways you can view completed tasks, and that’s a huge frustration for the occasions I need to do that (e.g. when completing a few tasks by accident).

I might try going back to Google Keep, to see if that works as a good in between, especially as it is now integrated more in the Gmail view on desktop… but really I’d like to keep everything in Asana, even all my little lists, but not if it’s not made visible in a clear way in the widget.

FYI, I’m fine with the spacing in the app itself once it opens full size.