Filter tasks by tag

I would also love this feature. I use tags a lot to filter my work and would really prefer to filter within board view rather than use search. +1 for this feature please!

Agreed, filtering tasks by tag in a project would be really helpful.

This would be a great feature and extremely helpful.

I am new to Asana and have recently switched from Trello to Asana in a project. Not being able to filter a board by one or more tags was a surprise to me. In my Trello experience, I am a heavy user of this feature. I have searched for quite some time for this feature in Asana UI since I could no believe that it does not exist.

+1 I would love to see this feature in Asana.

Just adding my voice (and vote) to this request, it would really make Asana a lot more powerful for us!

This would be a great feature, please add!

I’m currently considering switching our PM from Trello to Asana.

We regularly filter a sprint board by label (clients), I’d query our method but seems a lot of people use this feature!

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+1: Either allow more than 50 drop-down options, or enable filter by tag.

Either way, I need to be able to retain the board-view while also being able to filter out tasks that don’t belong to a category.

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Agreed! The world needs this feature!
It would be amazing if this could be implemented :slight_smile:

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I implore you to enable sorting of tasks by label. Think of it this way: if the capability is there to add an attribute — labels, in this case — there must be a way to sort by that organizational feature. Otherwise it’s just decorative.

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Welcome to the Forum @Nick9 :wave:t5: Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! I completely understand your point.

There is an existing thread regarding this topic so I’m merging your post with it to avoid duplications. I would also suggest your to have a look at this post: Filtering by tag in calendar view. You might find it useful.

Thank you again for your feedback Nick! Have a great week!

Thanks, and good work arounds!

I’ve used Jira for years and Trello occasionally as well and in both cases tags and labels have been invaluable. My current use-case that requires this. We have a platform with 10 customers that sometimes want similar things and sometimes different from the platform. We need the ability to have a customer view of the project that allows us to prioritize (stack rank) only the items for that customer. Fully realize that this doesn’t work well for items across projects but anything with multiple labels generally gets thrown to the top of the stack to shortcut this.

I believe search is insufficient because you can’t change prioritization/drag and drop in a search view (nor can you sort by any sort of prioritization/rank). The same issue when you drill into the “tag” view, unsure what the sort mechanism there is but seem completely decoupled from the board ranking.

Solving for this use-case is likely the only thing preventing me from moving to Asana. Many things I really like about it. Jira is really bloated and slow and Trello really only great for a single self-contained project.


Fully realize that this doesn’t work well for items that are needed by multiple customers but anything with multiple labels generally gets thrown to the top of the stack to shortcut this.

I’m looking to move some boards from Trello to Asana as part of a company-wide migration and one frustration, for which I can’t seem to see an easy workaround, is the ability to filter by tag.
Ideally, the tags would be for one project only (not possible, but bearable) and it’s possible to filter by the tag for a specific project (super important). Is there any way to achieve this simply per chance?

An example use case:
We have over 400 tasks on a particular board, which includes a backlog.
There are certain priorities in any given time period e.g. improving margin, which relevant tasks are tagged with. I don’t want to have to manually go through all the tasks and would prefer a filtered view that allows me access to the 30 relevant tasks only from which to prioritise.
Our priorities may change on a 2 weekly cadence and this is a regular part of our meeting workflow.

Any help / advice is much appreciated. It seems such as a basic feature that I was quite surprised not to find it.

Hi @jasel, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

It’s currently not possible to filter by tags in a project. I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with the main request: Filter tasks by tag to centralize feedback. I hope you don’t mind!

I recommend you checking this workaround shared in the thread:

Yes, we need this! As a long-time, paying user of Asana, it often surprises me when I try to do something obvious and basic like filtering by tags in a board, and discover it hasn’t been implemented. Then I come here to find many others who’ve run into the same limitation.
While I appreciate all the advancements Asana brings us regularly, there are still a number of basic fundamentals of organization like this that are missing.
I realize from a developer perspective these may be much more “boring” to implement than fancy new whizbang stuff, but from a user perspective it’s a huge turn off to keep running into limitations like this. (I’ve run into at least three similar limitations over the past few months and ended up here wasting time reading threads to try to figure out how to do basic stuff).
I understand that you want to use votes to prioritize development, but votes are a limited way of assessing how much a feature like this may impact Asana’s usability and stick rate on subscriptions. A feature like this one is not “sexy” to vote for - and so may not garner as many votes as others - and yet provides low-level friction to the longtime regular users who have to constantly find workarounds. If you add up all the little frictions like this, it makes asana less usable overall, and increases the desire for an alternative solution (believe me, I have seriously looked several times recently…)

Please, Asana team, prioritize giving your longtime users basic organizational functionality like this.

Thank you
Morgan Giddings, PhD


I have used Asana for years, but I have recently thought of switching to Trello as there you can filter boards by labels without the view switching that Asana forces you to do.

I need this feature for making sense of tasks of a certain type, split across projects.