Filter tasks by tag

I would also love this feature. I use tags a lot to filter my work and would really prefer to filter within board view rather than use search. +1 for this feature please!

Agreed, filtering tasks by tag in a project would be really helpful.

This would be a great feature and extremely helpful.

I am new to Asana and have recently switched from Trello to Asana in a project. Not being able to filter a board by one or more tags was a surprise to me. In my Trello experience, I am a heavy user of this feature. I have searched for quite some time for this feature in Asana UI since I could no believe that it does not exist.

+1 I would love to see this feature in Asana.

Just adding my voice (and vote) to this request, it would really make Asana a lot more powerful for us!

This would be a great feature, please add!

I’m currently considering switching our PM from Trello to Asana.

We regularly filter a sprint board by label (clients), I’d query our method but seems a lot of people use this feature!

+1: Either allow more than 50 drop-down options, or enable filter by tag.

Either way, I need to be able to retain the board-view while also being able to filter out tasks that don’t belong to a category.