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Dear Asana Team,

what is the current status of the filter problem? we are one of several teams in our company using asana. However, the filter option for tags is an exclusion criterion and becomes more and more relevant with higher scaling of our projects. Don’t get me wrong, you are doing a great job, but i think flying unicorns are marvellous, but a simple improvement of the project management tool like this one, would offer the community and the customers who we are, ultimately a considerable added value.

looking forward to your feedback

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+1000 (if I could)

I would like this feature. It sounds like an easy update :slight_smile: (hopefully :innocent:)

We are also struggling to manage the tasks of different discipline in a project. Each diciplin has 5 to 10 tasks per project, that is to less to make different projects. Filtering by tags, just like “by assign” would solve this problem.

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@Marie is this planned at all? This is a very useful feature. Almost seems like an oversight when you can filter by so many other things within the project view, why not by tag, which would be the most versatile and useful thin to filter by? The search option doesn’t really work as it changes/removes a lot of the other context. How filtering by assignee or other criteria works within the project view is the ideal way to see which tasks around a release/function are in which stage of a project if we could simply filter within the project view based on tags.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Roohbir_Singh! Unfortunately, we don’t have an update on this topic at the moment, but we’re keeping a close eye on this request and we will post an update as soon as we have one - I just can’t promise when this will be the case.

Hi Roohbir_Singh, can’t you use customfields instead of tags? We first also tried to use tags but we are now switched to customfields and that works for us. We use tags to filter on specific tasks in our whole organisation and that is possible with advance search.

Update to all, we now use custom fields for quick filtereing inside the project and that works perfect. Sorry but we don’t mis the “feature filter by tags in project” anymore.

The issue with custom fields is that you can only have 1 entry, some tasks effect multiple systems or departments so it would be useful to be able to filter a board on a tag rather than a custom field.

aah yes, didn’t think of that option. Currently we are not yet using tags

Just found the Instagantt does allow you to do this (which links in directly to the Asana boards). It is a separate service/subscription but this filtering I guess is most useful for managers and project managers so may not be needed for all employees. Still be good to have directly in Asana though.

I find that the request for using tags to filter tasks underlines the true issue that there is not a multiple way to view tasks in a board. In another life I use a competitors PM software where the user could opt for a a different sort view of a board based. If I recall, it was based on other custom fields that could be added as a drop down to column properties (such as a tag). The you could filter or sort that drop down field.

Something like this would be handy when I use board projects to host multiple customer projects that are too small to put in to their own project. These are often just a handful of tasks that are part of an an on-going set of tasks in the organization. I used to do that with a tag or other defining field or label. It seems to me that I could use that field to label to customer so I could sort (view) a board by all the tasks for that customer.

We have multiple phases/projects for clients on their board and we use tags to identify them. Having this would give us and the client a lot more clarity.