Filter My Tasks Calendar View by other criteria (custom fields)

I would like to be able to filter my tasks in the calendar view by a custom field. This way I can view certain tasks and do not have to view duplicate tasks or every task assigned to me and with a date. Some tasks assigned to me with a date are there to demonstrate timelines on a project and not my actual to do list. It would be great to create custom my task fields to categorize as an actual to do list and then filter only those to show on the My Tasks calendar view.

Thanks :sparkles:

HI @Oliver_Shine welcome to the forum. Depending on your licence level you should be able to add custom my task fields using the customise tab?

Thank @Danielle-GenD, I have custom fields added. I was hoping to be able to filter the tasks by custom field in Calendar View of a project.

Hey Oliver this is possible.

If you go to your project, then to the calendar view.
Click on the filter button and select your custom field. you can then choose which field to show.

the screenshot here shows what to select and the filter above is a custom field.
Hope this helps.