Filter and Hide Functionalilty

As we create more extensive project templates with a growing list of fields (attributes) and tasks, we can determine the PMs are going to get overwhelmed with more than 10 fields for each task.

We determined that the Filter and Hide functionality along with pinning the view will keep all the tasks in one place but allow users to click on a view tab to see different sets of Sections and only the fields that are required for those Sections or Tasks. The View will allow PMs to only view that particular Section of the project with the custom fields tied to the Section or Tasks. This pinned View would allow them to add issues (tasks) to an Issues Log (Section) and stay in the project without clicking to another project named “Issues Log”.

Unfortunately, the advanced filter does not have the ability to filter by Section or Task. We are not able to give a View that will allow a user in a project to work on different groups of tasks (Sections) with custom fields. We can hide fields and narrow down to the fields we want for an Issues Log, but we cannot tie specific Sections or Tasks to those narrowed-down fields.

We want the ability to view Project tasks, RAID log, Lessons Learned log, etc. in different pinned views. The views are just different customized sorts of sections/tasks and fields…

I appreciate any help - thanks!

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My first take is that you’re trying to do too much in a single project and need more than one project.

But take that with a grain of salt. I find it difficult to discuss use cases like this unless we’re communicating in real time and demonstrating potential solutions in Asana, which I do daily with clients.

In case you don’t already have this in your toolbox, consider too the solution I provided in this Forum Leader Tip:



Thanks. Let me take a second attempt at summing up what we want to do. I would be glad to show a demo if needed.

I think this functionality is relatively easy and is partially there. If we think about Sections/Tasks along with Fields - these are X and Y axis (dimensions of data). We should be able to filter, sort, and hide in any way imaginable and create a tab that pins that result. We can templatize these “views” as tabs and everyone has what they need in a single place for a project. I can see they are partially there, but it doesn’t appear they have fully thought out why this is important.

I don’t think that we are doing too much within a project and we should look to set up additional Asana projects for fundamental PM needs. We are driven to use Asana to avoid having PMs looking in multiple places, including projects on projects within Asana. We lose all credibility with the PMs if we give them a project template workspace (ie their “project”) and indicate they need to go to five (5) other Asana projects in order to do their work. I think the Custom Tab is the functionality that will allow us to do it in one place if they built it out to the logical end. A simple push of View Tab would allow a PM to put information in the right place with ease.

Simplicity is key and the data objects are all in Asana along with the Sort, Filter, and Hide. This is an easy programming change for them to consider. Unless someone has an idea how we can do this, but we haven’t figure out it out yet. Thanks!