Feature to automatically follow new tasks

I have found out that I miss out on updates on multiple tasks in a shared project, simply because I’m not following it. Since there are tons of projects and tons of tasks, it is hard to ensure that I’m always following those I want to follow.

I’m looking for a feature in the Project “Task default collaborators: [Thomas, Peter, etc.]”.

Then any new Task will automatically set me as collaborator.
I will have to edit each Project, but that is easy.

@Thomas_Jensen, we handle this in two ways:

We make huge use of template tasks and template projects in our workflow. Our project templates are created based on type of work - I’m in Marketing, so think sales proposals, brochure creation, communications. Our proposal manager created the proposal project template and brochure creation template, and I’ve created the communications template. That means I am automatically a collaborator for any task in any project based on that template.

For template tasks, which we use in on-going or continuous projects that don’t need an entire project template, we do the same thing. I’ve created the template task for those I want to be more in the loop for, and others have done the same. Our workflow is for Teammates to duplicate the task (using the Duplicate Task function, not just “ctrl+c”) which allows you to select “collaborators” as one of the options to copy.

In either case, we can add additional “default collaborators” as part of the template, which means they will be a collaborator of either projects or tasks that are created based off of the templates.

For outlier tasks or projects, my team tags me in when they know I need to be involved or be informed. I try to think of following asana tasks as being cc’d on emails. To ask an employee to cc me on all of their emails would definitely make me a micromanager, so I don’t do that with Asana tasks. I’d wind up with so many notifications, that I’d miss the ones everyone really needs me to see!


Hi Laura,

Thanks’ for the clarifications. I understand now, that by creating a new project using a self-made template having a list of collaborators in it, the new project(s) will get those collaborators

I do not understand that to “edit” the list of collaborators, you’d duplicate an existing task, and then edit the list of collaborators in the duplicate. Wouldn’t the first task miss out on
the comments written into the duplicate task? Or did you intend to duplicate the template, that would make more sense.

I fully agree on keeping a lid on the number of CC’d mails.