add project creator as collaborator on all tasks

I created a template and since I created the tasks in the template, when others used the template, I was listed as a collaborator on every task. I had assumed it was because I created the project.

So, I removed myself as a collaborator from every task, and resaved it as a template. However, when someone else uses the template, I want that person who created the project to be a collaborator on every task, and it’s not doing that. They are project managing that project, so I want them to be notified every time someone comments on or completes a task, and we can’t count on someone notifying/tagging them.

Is there a setting or rule I can set to add someone as a collaborator on every task (it will be a different person every time – it will always be the person who created the project from the template).

I just saw the project creator can multi-select all the tasks and add themselves as a collaborator. That’s what I’m telling the team they have to do for now, but I’m sure some will forget. Then, they won’t be notified when someone completes a task. So, please let me know if there is a more fool-proof way.

I wish I could set a rule that will run tagged to the dynamic field of project owner so the project owner (whoever that is) would be notified when a task is completed.


Since rules are project-specific, and you’d need one for each project, you can achieve what you’re looking for by hard-coding the rule with the name of the Project Owner in each case. I’m not aware of any workaround, other than or similar tool which could likely derive, with some effort and expense, the Project Owner dynamically.