Feature Request: Sort Board Columns by Date



+1 here too

and spin-off request to add option to choose if new items within a board column are added on top or bottom – or should I open a new topic for this?


!Another +1 to have this feature added!


Yes please!


YES please


Agree with everyone else here; when you add a Task, the columns ought to automatically sort it by date, from soonest to latest due date.


Bump! Even if this sint as easy an implementation as it seems, it would completely be worth it in terms of how usable boards are in themselves


+1 - I end up spending a lot of time manually sorting by date (and also moving complete tasks to the bottom of the list - I don’t want to hide them - we still need to see what has been completed). I would appreciate this feature tremendously. (And also automatically moving completed items to the bottom of the list. :smiley: )


+1 to this request.

Frankly, I’m shocked that it’s been suggested this much and still not implemented. This is such an essential feature.


Would love to have the tasks in columns on my board to be able to be sorted by due date. This would really help in terms of prioritizing various tasks within a certain column.


Hi @Corey_Blaustein and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3: We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with it to centralize all feedback; hope that’s ok!


hi Marie – any idea if/when this will be implemented? I didn’t realize I couldn’t sort by date until after I had organized a large number of tasks into a brand new board and now I’m thinking I’ve made a mistake and unfortunately wasted a lot of time :disappointed_relieved:


Any updates on when this feature will come out? Have started to use Trello instead because of the sort by date feature


ASANA TEAM !!! Come and answer this topic - more than 50 replies and almost 3000 views already and you ignore that!
What is this forum for if there is no feedback from you, guys? It is not serious to launch Boards feature but not communicate with your users after that
How to call you here?


If I am right - I do remember seeing that there is going to be a major overhaul and its rolled into a bigger project, but 200% agree - at least acknowledge the issue and state that its a feature in progress or not.


I vote for this as well.


+1 obvious feature.


I’m really happy to see that the sort feature has been added to board projects!! Thanks Asana :slight_smile:


Hi folks!

I’m delighted to announce that we have implemented a new Sorting feature in Boards, so you can now sort your Boards by due date, assignee, or by custom fields! To learn more about this feature, have a look at this handy article from our Guide!


Board sorting is working on my laptop - YAY!
I can’t seem to access this function from my Android device. What am I missing?


Hi @Shayne_Robinson :wave:t3:

Yes, we’re after launching New sorting options available for Board Projects!. We’re enable to ship this update on mobile at the moment but I’ll make sure to post an update in the #community-forum-announcements category as soon as we do!