Feature Request: Prioritize Today/Upcoming/Later from iOS



It would be great to be able to prioritize your tasks as Today/Upcoming/Later from the iOS app. Bonus would be to be able to 3D touch a task from your task list to do the prioritization.

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I am baffled as to how this app was even released without the ability to assign a section or priority to a task without having to drag and drop them.

I find the iOS app to be almost unusable because of that. If I add a new task I have to scroll forever to assign it to one of the latter sections or I have to run back to my office log onto my desktop to do it more efficiently.

In my opinion this is the biggest shortcoming of the iOS app.


+1 for this feature on ios. Several years ago, I read on an Asana blog post that they de-prioritized Today, Upcoming, and Later because their user data showed that users weren’t using it. To this day, I always wonder how that can be given I use it as the main way to prioritize tasks (and can’t imagine it’s uncommon).

Anyway, I came here looking to see if I was missing a way to do this since I was just feeling crippled adding and organizing tasks on ios. Of all the dozen or so options there are regarding tasks, there’s no feature to change that status. I’m not sure why when those 3 sections are prominent sections on task lists.


Surprised we have to request this as a feature. Seems like the most basic functionality. If a person has more than a handful of tasks it can take for ever to move a tast from “New” to one of the later sections like “Later”, “Upcoming” or one you have added.

Until this is added, using the IOS app will be very painful and wasteful of my time.



For me, this is a do-or-die feature. I use Today, Upcoming, and Later on the web version to prioritize my tasks. Then, I rarely look anywhere else but Today, Inbox, and New. Not being able to prioritize tasks in the iOS app is frustrating, to say the least.

I usually clear out my Today tasks any given day, so in iOS, the Today group doesn’t even display; so, I can’t even drag tasks into Today! The way it works on the web app is ideal. Please, Asana team, build this into the iOS app!


Has anyone who works at Asana actually used the IOS app? I find it hard to imagine how any developer could actually use this app without the feature and not run immediately back to their keyboard to begin coding.

Without this feature, we are finding the app to be of little use.


Hehe fair question, @sonja. Our mobile team does in fact use the app. The mobile team is consistently rolling out new features, so we’re updating functionality little by little. We appreciate your feedback!


I’m big fan of the Asana website and it works well for my team. But I’ve been waiting almost two years to be able to organise my day properly on iOS… I use an iPad to float between home/office desktops and simply cannot work with the Today/Upcoming screen on iOS unless I’ve already organised it in advance on a desktop. How long would it take to add another swipe option and some keyboard shortcuts on iOS?
Off topic, but I’d also vote for Project labels on all project list views (like the web app). IMHO (as a daily user) the iOS app is unfinished. Please please please Asana - prioritise this feature request.


+1 for this feature. I have two maintenance guys that use Asana almost exclusively on their iPhones.


+1 urgent Moving over from Wunderlist the “today” view is key for organization over multiple sections / projects.


I would also greatly appreciate the ability to easily sort tasks into Today, Upcoming, and Later on iOS. I don’t mind dragging tasks to Upcoming so much, but I don’t currently see any way to move a task to Later on iOS. Am I missing something?


This is the #1 reason we keep having to use tools like Todoist. Asana is just not mobile friendly. Some features that I’ve been waiting literally YEARS to see in the Asana mobile app:

  • Helpful task notifications (currently mobile app notifies you of upcoming tasks at midnight. With no option to change. Wtf?)
  • Easy access to projects (switching project views takes too long. Just let me swipe from side of screen vs. needing 2-3 taps every time you want to change project views from the menu)
  • Add project name to view (right now have no context for your tasks. Again, something Todoist and Wunderlist have managed to figure out fine)

Modern UI requests:

  • Swipe to snooze/ set time (Google Inbox does this well, as does Todoist. This would be a perfect solution for Today/Upcoming/Later)
  • 3D Touch to edit details (currently takes minimum of 3 taps to change a date on one item - a very common use case. Please fix this.)


I love love love Asana on web. But today people are using phones and iPads more than ever. I just want the UX quality on mobile to match what we’ve come to expect on the site. :heart:️:unicorn:


+1 It’s a must have and very important for the iOS Platform


Same here. For now I build a custom workflow (with workflow.app) to move task to upcoming and later. Would appreciate to have it build into the app, though.


Oooh, this sounds at least like a decent workaround. How exactly did you build it, do you access the API from Workflow? I’d be forever grateful if you could share your workflow!

Still, it’s a shame that Asana doesn’t seem to be able to fix this major shortcoming of the mobile app themselves. It’s as simple as adding another swipe option!


Not sure if it’s the smoothest Workflow: https://workflow.is/workflows/3452c26ca38b47e38c42e144a5c33915

You have to have an API key to use this workflow. There is a Action “Get Contents of URL” where I added a placeholder. You have to add your key there. Hope it work. You can use this workflow, duplicate it and use it for Today and Later as well.


Thanks so much, you made my day! I’ve just added a bit of variable fu to make things easier: https://workflow.is/workflows/703b013afd9c47278fbd5e850328d765


Hey there! I’ve searched everywhere and cannot find an answer to this, I’m hoping you can help me.

I can’t seem to find any way to move a task from Today or Upcoming to Later while using an iPad or iPhone. I can drop/drop between Today and Upcoming, but Later is not visible on My Tasks on iOS mobile. I also can’t promote a task directly from Projects view.

Does anyone know of a workaround? I desperately need this for Asana to work for me now that I’m doing more and more work remotely.



Hello @angelaguzzo

I don’t think Asana for ipad has the Later section (Maybe an admin can confirm)

The workaround for this may be to create a section in your Upcoming list called LATER.

Just create a new task called LATER: (Add the colon immediately after the word)
Now you can drag your tasks under that, just as you would under LATER