Revisit: Feature Request: Prioritize Today/Upcoming/Later from iOS

This is a followup to the Feature Request of the same name that in my opinion was prematurely closed by Alexis. In closing this request Alexis stated…

I’m happy to report that this feature is now available! See release notes below. With that, I’m going to go ahead and close out this thread! :slight_smile:

Prioritize tasks in iOS: You can now mark tasks assigned to you for Today, Upcoming, or New, directly from your iOS device so you can prioritize work when you’re on the go.

Improved views in iOS: You can now sort tasks in projects by custom fields in addition to assignee, due date, likes, and alphabetical. And when you save a view in the web app, that view will also appear in the mobile app.

New task list in iOS: The task list in our iOS app is new and improved, so it’s easier to visualize your work and quickly take the actions you need.

I had tried to email the reply below to Alexis when she announced she was closing this Feature Request, but I was too late, the request was closed and my email was rejected. So, I’m adding my reply here…

Thanks for the heads up Alexis, but…

I checked and the iOS app was updated to v6.12 in the App Store on 03.07.18. The version I now have installed was also auto-updated to v6.12. However, when I open the app, I don’t see, nor can I find, any ability or difference regarding marking ‘My Tasks’ as Today, Upcoming, Or Later.

I also only see sorting options for Due Date and Likes. I see nothing for Assignee, Alphabetical or Custom Fields.

I also see NO difference in the iOS task list. At all. It looks exactly the same as before.

Am I missing something? Is the v6.12 not the version you are referring to? Unfortunately, the Release Notes link you included has no more information than this post. No screenshots to indicate if what I’m seeing in my app install is what the notes are referring to AND strangely enough, the release notes make NO REFERENCE TO THE VERSION NUMBER OF THE RELEASE?! Wouldn’t that be a critical part of a Release Notes documentation?

Let me know if I’m missing something. Thanks.

I would like some answers to my above comments/questions before considering this Feature Request to be closed/completed. Am I off base and missing something, or does anyone else not see these features in the Asana iOS app right now?

Hi Aj,

I am a moderator in the Community and I am just mentioning @Alexis so she can advise on the content of your message. I feel like it should be re-written a little bit and probably not mention the closed thread.

Thanks for your understanding.