IOS Widget - use Native "My Task" categories (today, upcoming, later) as the data shown on screen

Asana already natively allows users to categorize all tasks currently assigned to them into 3 categories…“Today”, “Upcoming” and “Later”. To me, far more useful than showing tasks that have a “DUE DATE” of today, would be the ability for the IOS widget to display the tasks I have intentionally selected to work on “Today”. Meaning those in my task list that are in the section called “Today”. Just because someone has given a “due date” of today for a task, doesn’t mean it is on MY list of things to get done for today.

This seems like the most simple and intuitive use of a widget, since it will keep only what I have chosen to work on today on my phones screen.

I know there is another thread that is requesting various customizations, but this seems like less of a request to “customize” and more of a request to have the widget show built in information that may be more relevant to the use of a widget.

Can you please update the widget to tap into the list of tasks selected for “today” vs the ones “due” today?

Thanks for sharing this feedback @Tim_Watson! I’ll let you know if you have any plans to implement this feature in the future!