Feature request: Markdown

Wait… still no markdown???


We need to style our code into comments and descriptions.
Even if you can’t provide soon a full support to syntax highlighting, please just let us able to write single quote notation (inline code), like:
This is an example of how to define and initialize a variable var example = new Example();
I hope we will be able to leverage on this markdown asap, it will improve productivity highlighting the right thing at the first look!


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@francesco.dinardo, Until there’s markup, were you aware there is monospace font you can use inline in Asana? Mark some text and do Cmd-Shift-M to achieve something like this:



Thanks for the heads up.
I was aware of that feature, and it is what I am doing right now. However, I’d like to do something like this:

As you can see, this wraps up the inline code and add some color to it emphasizing the content.
I am sorry if I wasn’t been clear in the previous post.

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Without this feature developers can not use asana as primary task management.
Inline editor is not good enough to describe dev tasks.

So please add this feature. 2 years - long time for this important feature.


2nd this. Not being able to give code references is fly in the soup. We just adopted this tool and as a development / data science team that maintains everything in notebooks and on-boarding new people, it’s a real bummer not to have this feature. We would like to stay on Asana but there’s a new discussion forming to move to something else that supports proper markdown since it’s such a core way we communicate with each other.

@Alexis Is it possible to have an ETA? Is this proposal on the roadmap? Implementing markdown is not hard, it could be done fast, if it’s not it’s maybe because you don’t see the feature’s value for what it is? What’s slowing you down to implement this? There has been tons of interesting feedback usages over the years but it doesn’t feel like this feature has yet been planned.

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I use Asana for a lot of quick-development notes and it would be very helpful to be able to paste a piece of code or database-structure in the descriptions of tasks. Is it possible to add simple code-markup with tabs etc?

Hey @David34, welcome to the Forum! Thanks for reaching out. To fully understand your question, could you please confirm if you are looking to see syntax highlightings and indentation in your pasted code in task descriptions? Any further details would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi Vanessa,

Slack style code highlighting would be really handy for me and my devs.

Even this comment box supports it!


Here is some inline code highlighting.

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for the quick response! Sorry if I was unclear before, syntax highlightings and indentation is indeed what I meant.

@David34 thanks for getting back to me. To confirm, this option is not available in Asana at the moment, but hopefully, we will be able to implement in the future! It looks like we already have a thread on this topic in our Feedback section, so if you don’t mind, I will merge your post so that you and other users can vote as a feature request. :slight_smile:

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Hi, @francisbooth! Welcome to the Forum! :wave:

This is also a great suggestion, and I’ve noted your request for our Product team for consideration. We do have an existing thread on Code Highlithing in our Product Feedback section and I recommend you to leave your vote there as well. We really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us :slight_smile:

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My vote too goes for Markdown.

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I would love this too, I really think that having legible code snippets in a task would make me want to use Asanna a lot more for software development.

I think this would also resolve the Code Snippets

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This is indeed a great suggestion – so great that almost 400 people have upvoted it and begged for it, for over two years!

What’s the status of this feature? Can we please get a more substantial reply than “I’ll be sure to pass your request on to the product team for consideration”? Why isn’t the Product team prioritizing this easy-to-implement and highly requested feature that all major competitors had years ago?

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@Vanessa_N I showcased Asana in front of a few companies today, and one of the recurring pains was the lack of Markdown, which does not enable people to use Asana to apply rich-text-based use case.

For instance, one person asked me if I was using Asana to store documentation on projects and the outcome of this discussion was that Asana doesn’t empowers users to do so, because of an obvious lack of rich-text support, which could be possible if markdown was usable.

And I agree with Paul here, it’s very simple to implement, very much needed and asked for, and I/we don’t understand why it isn’t prioritised more seriously by the product team.

Hi @ambroise, I can certainly understand how useful this feature would be, and this request is on our radar. Unfortunately, we don’t have any timeframe to share yet, but rest assured that I have escalated this feedback directly to our Product team. I really do hope we will be able to add this feature to Asana soon.

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What do I hope to achieve that the current Asana settings do not accommodate?


Markdown is absolutely necessary for me when it comes to documentation. Evernote lacks Markdown support and that’s why I use Typora. Asana’s lack of markdown support is also the reason I use Trello instead even though I love the PM features Asana has more.

And… 26 months later, our team has finally, blessedly decided to ditch Asana in favor of another project management tool that – you guessed it – supports Markdown :slight_smile: Good luck to the rest of you. Maybe Asana will eventually throw you a bone on this, but I wouldn’t hold your breath