Code snippets in Asana

It would be nice to be able to paste in Asana snippets of code (for example in Python or Javascript) and be able to format it in some way. Maybe using the github markdown or something similar.

We work on very technical projects, and it would be really nice to see snippets of code properly represented :slight_smile:.

Thanks and keep up the good work!


You can have code displayed in a monospace in the task Description and in comments. To do so, highlight the code and press ⌘+Shift+M (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+M (Windows). Fortunately, it also keeps the code properly spaced, because both the Description and comments are set to white-space: pre-wrap. It looks like this:


Just found a problem with using this method. Any URLs added to the monospace text will not take on the monospace format, because Asana auto-creates a link out of it. Relative links will still be monospace, of course, but full links will not.

+1 We just need a dedicated way to add snippets of code, as you requested, @alfonsomoure.


Indeed, I tried the monospace method, @Joe_Thomas. Good to hear that you are with me on this! Hope that Asana’s team is going to be too :wink:

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+1 on this :v:

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  • 1 on this too.

Big +1 here! I just convinced our dev team to join the rest of us on Asana, migrating from Jira.

This has been their biggest grumble so far.

+1 to this

Trello uses ‘’’ to enter code


+1 to this as it is a must for engineering teams!


+1 we need this for our account as well!

This feature would be greatly appreciated if implemented, thanks

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Wanted to add - Syntax highlighting for common languages would be the icing on the cake


+1 Slack has spoiled developers, it’s a jarring experience without code formatting as a 1st class citizen.


Agree. +1

Another +1 on this.

I’d actually love for it to implement Slack style snippets using back quote for single lines and ... triple back quotes for multi line blocks.


Absolutely +1!

Regular Discord & Slack user here so I definitely agree with you @John_Feustel

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+1 @John_Feustel

As an engineer I would appreciated if you add triple back-ticks and simple back-tick in the comments and everywhere I could input text.

` this is a highlight really similar to Slack does it `

// This is a code block of JS
console.log(“hello world”)
This is really painful right now for us to communicate properly using Asana.


+1 on this

+1 on this

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