Simplify formatting of code/monospace blocks

With the new editor, there is one major regression that is quite annoying for us. When you paste a block of code, all lines are turned into paragraphs. When you select these lines and format them as monospace (Ctrl+Shift+M), they remain separate paragraphs.

When you start a fresh paragraph, format as monospace (Ctrl+Shift+M), enter some text and hit enter, Asana inserts a line break instead of a paragraph break. Hence I think the following behavior would be consistent:

When you select multiple consecutive paragraphs and format them as monospace, paragraph breaks should be turned into line breaks.

This IMO would be a great UX improvement and a simple solution to Code snippets in Asana - #259 by Bacontastic.


yes! this is annoying. there seems to be no way to have an embedded code block with multiple lines. Even Shift-Enter doesn’t work when typing within a code block - it ends the block.

Im encountering formatting issues when pasting code in an Asana task right now, so I’m assuming this isn’t implemented yet. I seriously think this should be implemented by now, and hope someone looks at this or maybe I’m just not doing it correctly? The line breaks are really making the code ugly and hard to read.