Bold text via API




I’m adding a task via API to break lines I can use \n but to bold a text if a put text Asana write the HTML tag and doesn’t bold the text.

Does any now know how can I bold/italic [format text] a text via API? Thank you!


Maybe this thread can help


I got in touch with Asana Support. Thanks man!


If you can post back your answer here that would be great!


The solution is:

Instead of you add the field “notes” replace it to “html_notes” and voilá :smiley: you have HTML in notes.


does not work. You have to use \n to break lines


TIP: tag < br > does not work *


@Cezar_Ayran how are you using the API? I am attempting to use the html_notes fields through the ruby gem and it appears that the formatting still isn’t getting properly parsed.

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@Cezar_Ayran just retested with and without the <p> tags… looks like it breaks if you have <p> tags. I’ll have to experiment to see what is and what is not supported.


@markanthonydj This html_notes field does not work perfectly. You should test multiple tags and see which tags work. I got it with < b > and \ n to break line because < br > does not work. I hope Asana can fix it


re-reading their post:, it appears the only html tags that are supported are <b> <i> <u> <ul> <ol>

not sure how to get in tabs and monospace font


its < CODE > </ CODE> for monospace (without spaces)



If you are adding comments in a task via API you also can send the text with HTML just use instead of the field text to html_text