Further Markdown Support

All the current Markdown posts seem to be locked.
I take notes in Sublime Text as they happen, in Markdown. When I then copy & paste them into Asana for task tracking, I have to manually reformat links, unordered lists, block quotes, fenced code… Why doesn’t Asana just support CommonMark fully? It should be a drop-in plugin, it’s available in pretty much every codebase…

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+1 totally agree.

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This is thing about Markdown and how it is continuously dismissed is totally silly. Just dropping by to support this request, again.

Also to add that Markdown support should not only mean parsing a few syntax elements from the text and immediately converting to the RICH equivalent, as if they were “shortcuts” (as they are called in the docs)

No. Supporting Markdown means: letting the user enter plain text that does not change at all while being typed, and then parsing the text as Markdown and formatting it accordingly when it is rendered.

To prevent confusing users that are already familiar with ASANA text formatting, I would suggest that this is optional, and let the users activate or deactivate it depending on their preferences like Slack does

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Yes! The way Slack does it is great. In my experience, people are either RTF people or MD people, not a mix of both. So letting me set my perference would be ideal.

However, unlike Slack, it’d be neat if Asana implemented pure CommonMark :smiley:

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Upvoting. This is needed.

Markdown support. This means being able to dump in an entire markdown document if someone really wanted to, and it be formatted using standard markdown (e.g common mark spec 2).

Adding support for bold, italic, link and lists in a similar but not quite the same way as standard markdown was not markdown support, it was just a step in that direction.

Markdown support should include:

Full support for h1 - h5 tags using the hashtag
Code tags (with support for language specification)
Thematic breakes
plus all the standard, widely used items on the spec linked above

How can be possible that it’s been more than 2 years since the “markdown release” and haven’t been able to improve it yet? I believe is the feature with most votes. Please dev team, take a bit of time to complete this, should not be that hard.