Feature request: Markdown


I agree with @orvn. Markdown is the **standard ** now. It’s an obvious oversight that needs to be corrected.


@mmiller @Pete_Johnson

Honestly I’m not too hopeful. 1.5 years ago they responded to this with the “Oh, what’s markdown? How would you use it” question, like it’s some niche system that few people use and a feature they had never even heard of.

I think their response was even worse than the fact that there is no markdown.


Agreed. I’m going to bring this topic up to the sales rep at Asana that speaks with out account admin every now and then.


Until Asana Support MD
here is a chrome addons to add this feature to tasks desc:



We need Markdown support in descriptions and comments!


Markdown is absolutely necessary to our organization.
JSON formatting is the bare minimum.


This is the main thing stopping me from being able to suggest our dev team move to Asana from Trello. It’s essential for discussing code.