Feature request: Markdown


I agree with @orvn. Markdown is the **standard ** now. It’s an obvious oversight that needs to be corrected.


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Honestly I’m not too hopeful. 1.5 years ago they responded to this with the “Oh, what’s markdown? How would you use it” question, like it’s some niche system that few people use and a feature they had never even heard of.

I think their response was even worse than the fact that there is no markdown.


Agreed. I’m going to bring this topic up to the sales rep at Asana that speaks with out account admin every now and then.


Until Asana Support MD
here is a chrome addons to add this feature to tasks desc:



We need Markdown support in descriptions and comments!

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Markdown is absolutely necessary to our organization.
JSON formatting is the bare minimum.


This is the main thing stopping me from being able to suggest our dev team move to Asana from Trello. It’s essential for discussing code.


I’d like to add my request for Markdown support. We moved from Trello to Asana because of some nice features on the Asana side, but I miss markdown so much!


Please markdown! We are trying to use Asana coming from Jira and I had naively assumed that since nearly every single web text editor of repute supports markdown, e.g., github, jira, wiki, …, this forum, support markdown that Asana would be able to handle it, but maybe too much time on -b?


Recently I have started using Asana and I am in awe.
In awe of the fact that Asana is not taking advantage of Markdown.

A post that is 1,5 years old first mentions the lack of Markdown.
Not much activity from

Why Markdown?

  • a universal syntax that is widely used among developers, tools, applications, and platforms
  • the syntax is simple, not much time has to be invested in learning it
  • this forum post is written with Markdown, why neglect inconsistency with your main product

Current problem:

I personally prefer to work with checklists, monospacing, have text that doubles as links and have headings of different sizes. It allows for more readability.

An example of a workaround I use to make checklists is by placing icons. As you can see it is very unsatisfying and messy. Of course, icons might not be the best workaround, but it is a workaround nonetheless.

Current checklist workaround:

  • :white_check_mark: Task 1
  • Task 2
  • :white_check_mark: Task 3

The current toolset is too limited and forces the user to make compromises.

Please consider the necessity for proper formatting on Asana and allow the user to take care of that with Markdown.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown


You may want to follow along, and vote here: Feature request: Markdown

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Cheers @vinniejames; I’ve just gone ahead and merged this new thread with the exiting one.

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We will be leaving Asana due to the lack of markdown support.

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Wait, you guys got rid of the monospace font option in the text editor? That was the only thing that made code even halfway readable in a task. Do your own developers “dogfood” Asana for internal projects? They must hate this as badly as we do!

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@John_Berry, Monospace font is still there via Command-Shift-M. It’s listed in Keyboard Shortcuts (Command-/) among the Text Formatting ones.


+1 adding my vote for Markdown support (esp. GFM - Github Flavored Markdown). I am being forced to move From Trello to Asana. I am finding the simple daily note taking in Asana is inferior to Trello’s.

Obviously if you were to add a feature and found that others felt it was too difficult, have it as an option when composing – Markdown vs. LIttle Toolbar as you have today.

PLEASE consider add it soon. You’d save me and my team a ton of time. Ironically, as previously posted, THIS forum supports markdown.


@here… well as an alternative to Asana not building it in natively, there is a Chrome extension

Af first glance seems to work pretty well.


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Markdown please! Or, if not, at least some way to format a code snippet. I’m surprised that an engineering-driven company doesn’t support code formatting.


Soon you may catch up with Discuss, where doing strike-through is as simple as ~~this~~ and hyper-links as [this](https://forum.asana.com/t/strikethrough-is-now-available-in-asana/42172/3).

Here is the feature request for anyone interested:

Strikethrough is now available in Asana!

Totally agree for Markdown. Most developer docs are in markdown nowadays, copy/pasting those into asana without re-writing is a pure time saver. It’s also much more intuitive and faster than using shortcuts sometimes. (Asana shortcuts aren’t usable on a MacOS with French keyboard, at least the “hints” don’t display the actual ones and I haven’t figured most shortcuts for within the text editor)

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