Zapier and Text Formatting for Asana



Heya, I emailed Zapier about this and they weren’t sure and couldn’t find anything in the API documentation for Asana, so thought I’d try here before being sad it’s not possible!

Does anyone know if there’s a way to format Asana description text the way we do with email in Zapier (you can use html formatting like ), etc.? I know to get bold in the description it’s the standard ctrl-b, and for lists it’s ctrl+shift+8, but I don’t know how (or if) to write it in a Zap.

For email it’s easy since it’s HTML - could I use Markdown language perhaps?

I would really like for some of my zap data to go into tasks using proper formatting.


@paulminors do you have any insights?


I’ve run into this issue before as well. I know that HTML works with certain apps like Pipedrive, but not Asana. I’ve never tried Markdown but to be honest I wouldn’t expect it to work (but you could try). Sorry I can’t be of more use here…


Hello Caisha,

The Asana tasks API endpoint has a html_text and html_notes field (for project/task description and task comments) but are not officially supported yet. I believe that Zapier doesn’t support it because of this.

Hope I helped.


Ahh interesting, thanks @Diakoptis - I’ll try a few things with it and see. And thanks @paulminors.


still no luck??


My understanding is this is a limitation of Asana’s API currently. Similarly, there isn’t a way to keep formatting when copying a project between different Asana organizations/workspaces.


Have any updates been made here? Would love to add some very simple formatting to my task notes