HTML and markdown no longer work in Zapier when writing to Description

I have been using Zapier to automate a specific Asana process for a long time. Up until very recently it would convert markdown in Zapier to formatted text in Asana.

Since the ‘new’ Asana Create Task call in Zapier was implemented, neither markdown nor HTML work. Being able to format task appearance is a really basic and necessary function.

Can anyone help? I literally just pitched this process to my boss, the fact that this has suddenly stopped working is extremely embarrassing.

Zapier’s community help function say this is an issue caused by Asana’s API.

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That seems unlikely, given that nothing has changed in the Asana “create task” API and something did change in the Zapier API. I would ask those folks for more details on what the Asana API issue is. That would be helpful in further diagnosing what’s going on.

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I am having this EXACT same problem. I was using Zapier to automatically create tasks for my team based on Lawmatics forms.

Ever since the new Asana create task call in Zapier I cannot format any text in the created task. But more importantly I can no longer hyperlink URLs!

I NEED to be able to provide the links back to the matter in lawmatics and currently, I am unable to.

I have spent hours learning about the new rich text in Asana and have been able to figure out how to format the text but I cannot figure out how to add a simple, basic external hyperlink. You used to be able to put the text you wanted linked in brackets then just put the URL in parentheses and it would link but that no longer works.

This guide was very helpful in learning the new, pretty much, coding needed to do basic text formatting though if you still need help with it in Zapier.

I have multiple zaps going between various software using formatting and none of them are messed up but the Asana ones. So I do not believe it is on Zapier’s end.

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You could also make a raw call to the API, using a POST/PUT event and give the exact html_notes value for the description. This is geeky but it will work.

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I, too, am having the same exact problem. It used to work, and now it does not. @Bastien_Siebman is there a specific code on Zapier/guide to implement a borderline worthless novice like myself?

Using Zapier, we used to have the ability to (using Formatter → Text → Convert Markdown to HTML) see all results where it was bolded. In the newest version, however, the HTML is showing up with flat HTML, with or without Rich Text checked. Zapier says this is an Asana issue.

User error or is there something afoot?

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