Can rich text formatting (bold, bulleted list, etc.) be generated with Zapier?


Hello forums, new user here.

My company is currently using Zapier to automate/create Asana tasks from our CRM software. At the moment, it looks like only normal text can fill into the description box of a new Asana task. Is there an HTML format/other way to format text so that when it pastes it will be numbered/bulleted/bolded/other?




If you use the filed html_notes you can use HTML and then have bold etc. Not sure if Zapier knows how to do that.


Unfortunately Zapier doesn’t know about the html_notes field.


Wow, a certified pro and a forum champion appear :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you guys for the prompt and helpful response. I have reached out to Zapier recently for Asana integration enhancements, this would be another one. Sounds like they have their own internal priority list to get to requests so no idea when anything better would be coming.