Tasks containing HTML in description

The background
I have set up an Zapier integration between gmail and asana. In effect, each email that comes in creates a new task as a service desk.

The challenge
The body of the email populates the description field as plain text which is great. The problem is it brings through the HTML from the email so the description/email is very difficult and time consuming to read.

Can anyone help with a solution?



Trying to do exactly the same thing. Asana uses rich text formatting, which is what I think the problem is here. If they could also make it possible to paste in HTML and have it convert that to formatted text in Asana, that would be so great.


Anyone find a solution? Started using Zapier to get our external emails into Asana due to Asana blocking them. Its been a struggle and I thought I was finally there until the Description was all gobbledegook HTML!

Zapier has a Formatter trigger to convert HTML to plain text, but it just wipes out any line breaks, so its not formatted well.

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Hi everybody, do you find a solution? thanks

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Any alternative solution for being able to insert HTML code in Description/comment?

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I would also love to be able to use HTML in the Description. Please add this!!

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