Feature modification suggestion - Assignee displaying

Asana allows to create multiple projects. I have two main use cases with Asana : first is using it with my team, so basically, I invite all the teammembers on the general board team. The 2nd use case is more specific : every time I have a project (let’s call it project A) going on with partners, I create a specific public project, where I give a specific access to all the project members. It’s an interesting option as it is still public to each member of my team, and I grant limited access to the project A members.

Problem is the following : every time I want to assign a task to someone on Asana, the options available include every people who has access to our workspace, whether it’s the entire workspace (my team members) or the people of specific project (project A).

Is it possible to display, in the assignee function, only the people who are concerned by the project. I don’t know what happens when, by mistake, you assign a task in a private project or a public project to someone who has limited access, and who has not usually access to this project : does it make the whole project accessible to this member ?

Anyway, I think it would be interesting to display only the people who are actually allowed to view the project, otherwise, it could be potentially prejudicial.

Ps: Sorry, couldn’t explain it in a shorter way for such a simple request :slight_smile:

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