Faster deletion of images from the comment field

To fast delete images form the comment field - it was, in mimimum for me, faster to delete social media icons (my company signature has at least 10) and stuff (clicking x at the exact same position). now i have to klick twice (arrow > delete attachment) to delete the attachment and it switches the layout from list to thumbnails (clicking x again).

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I strongly dislike the new task attachment setup - it’s now harder to delete unnecessary images, like you get from email signatures. This example is from one forwarded email. The only useful thing here is the pdf at the end.

You used to be able to click a simple ‘x’ to quickly delete all this noise, but now you have remove them all as shown. It’s not a good step for user experience, IMO.

Anyone else bothered by this?

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Definitely…now that I found out about it.

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I completely agree with Fabio on this one. Deletion is now a pain.