Api to delete an attachment for particular task

I wanted to know the option to delete/replace the attachment for a particular task through API,
I read the documentation and is shows API to upload and get attachment but there is no API to delete or to edit the attachment

So how do I replace or delete (so that I can upload new) attachment for the task, What is a best way to deal with this situation

It looks like the “new documentation” is missing that information!

But, the old one has, and you should send a “DELETE” to the attachment ID, like:
DELETE /api/1.1/attachments/123456789
You don’t need to specify the task, just the document ID.

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cc: @Ross_Grambo

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Someone should report this issue to the developer team,
I asked Asana support by filling up the support request form and they replied “we do not have such option currently through API”


I did already; that was my cc: to Ross Grambo.

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On it. Thanks for finding this!

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Hey all, the docs should now have the delete endpoint. :slight_smile: