exporting custom field data via Zapier webhook - possible for non-developers?

I’m new to Asana. I’m not a developer. I’ve done a bit of coding many years ago.

I’d like to export custom field data to another app via a Zapier webhook.

After reviewing forum posts on the the matter it doesn’t appear to be possible without some knowledge of coding?

I’d love to learn to do it if that’s possible in a reasonable amount of time.

Is there a tutorial for total newbies that someone here might point me at?

Or maybe someone would be willing to help?

Thank you so much for any help anyone’s able to provide!

Best Regards and Happy New Year!

I recommend you check out this tool: iDO Tools - Improve Asana with our tools and automations

For a very small fee, you can export custom fields.

No coding required!

@Keith_Winkler, Can you describe more completely what you want to do? Phil’s solution will generate a CSV on demand, but it sounds like you may want to do more than that. Another alternative for this purpose is Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) which can export a CSV of all of a project’s custom fields:

@Phil_Seeman, 1) I corrected a dropped character in your link so it works now, and 2) I think all the iDO tools are free now.



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Phil, lpb, thank you for your replies! Happy New Year!

It seems the tools suggested are for project or system-wide clean-up efforts?

I’m wanting to move the data within custom fields into the fields of another app each time the form is submitted. So the form submit creates a task which automagically copies the field data to other places (Invelo App, Google Sheets).

I’ve created a form with custom fields for business leads (property address info… street address, city, state, zip.

When the form is submitted, I want to copy the content of those fields (text strings) to two places… 1) a CRM-like tool called Invelo, and 2) populate a row on a Google sheet.

I’ve been using Zapier to do similar lead data transfers between CRMS.

The CRMs have custom Zapier ‘webhooks’
available. Using Zapier, I create a Zap where one app ‘triggers’ a webhook and sends new lead data to the other app.

When creating the Zap, Zapier allows me to match fields from the source app to the destination app and, voila! The new lead from app A is duplicated automagically in app B.

I’d love to be able to do this with Asana custom field data → Zapier → Invelo, Google Sheets, etc.

Oh OK. I haven’t done that specifically but yes, I think that should be possible using Zapier!

The fact that you’re using a form is irrelevant to the process. The key is that, as you say, the form submission creates a new task. So you’d create a Zap where the trigger is the Asana “new task” event. In Zapier, you should be able to grab the contents of custom fields from that new task; then of course the action(s) would be to write that info into the CRMs.

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