Zapier Support for Field Management

It would be really nice to have the Asana + Zapier integration offer some functionality around the currently-available API endpoint for Custom Fields.

For example, we could build a Zap that did a weekly check for new/updated Accounts in Salesforce, and pushed them as options/values into a Single-Select field within our Asana library. This would boost our team’s confidence and save time on manual updates, by :sparkles: automagically :sparkles: ensuring that a few key Asana fields are always in sync with their counterparts inside our system of record (ie, Salesforce).

Would love to see it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just in case you don’t know, in Zapier you can create actions called “web hooks” which will allow you to call the API directly and do whatever you want (as long as the API allows it). It requires dev skills, but it could allow you to not wait for this action to be created.

I can help if needed, I did it several times already.

Hope this helps


@Casey_Dwyer certainly using a general automation platform could solve this for you. With Zapier you’d need to be on a subscription plan (above basic) but it is doable and relatively simple.

Oh nice! Had heard of Zapier’s webhook option, but didn’t realize how flexible that was. Would still be kinda nice to have field management baked in to Asana’s integration, but this will definitely get the job done. Thanks Bastien!

My pleasure @Casey_Dwyer don’t hesitate if you need help building your request.

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