Integrations that Incorporate Custom Fields?

Hey everybody, I was thrilled about Custom Fields being added, and have been utilizing them (it’s what prompted me to bump up to Premium). The problem I’m having is that none of the integrations I’m using or have looked at take Custom Fields into account (not even Zapier!). Is this because it’s such a recent feature?

In any event, I want to be able to run reports based on custom fields without fiddling with Google Sheets (if I can avoid that). Specific examples of what I want to be able to visualize:

****never mind – I think I’ve got it sorted.

Well I think I’ve got it sorted!

@hafidha Super! I think your experience will help some other folks, too. Could you tell us what you ended up figuring out?


I ended up doing my custom field sorts via Search, requesting a CSV file, then uploading it into a google sheet, and creating charts from there. I had to figure out how to use charts but it was worth my while.

Sounds like a good way to maximize the power of Google sheets and Asana together!

Hey, @hafidha, I just wanted to drop a note to say that there are a few integrations that are using our custom fields - Unito was a launch partner who tied Asana to Github - but you’re correct, that the newness of the feature is why they’re not quite built into many other integrations. On the bright side, many of them are actively working to get them implemented. Zapier is one of them, so keep an eye out for when they get that built!

thanks @MattBram, I will keep an eye out.

with custom fields you can pretty much use Asana for ANYTHING.

with custom fields-- asana pretty much becomes a de-facto “programming language”

you can know realistically use asana as a functioning CRM with the fields…

now, fields + boards = mind blown

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It look like Zapier added custom field support 2 days after your last message :slight_smile:
See New For Asana: Track Anything with Custom Fields Support, Plus More - Updates | Zapier


I still don’t get it ;-). What did you do ?

My very simple goal is to totalize custom field values whan in a project or when in a view

for instance, i search on a criteria, I then get 10 tasts as a result and want to know the total value of that 10 tasks custom field are

Just like when you add “[#]” in a tasks name and selecte multiple, the pane on the right shows the totals of that



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Hi @Edwin_Rooijakkers. There’s a solution for this! It’s the same functionality as the “[#] task name” hack. Just add a custom field with a numerical value. Multi select the tasks and it will show you the numerical total of all the custom fields.

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Quick update here – I just spent 2 days setting up a Zapier zap to create new tickets in Asana and input data into custom fields. All my fields kept coming up blank until I fixed 2 things:

1- If your Custom Fields are dropdown, then you have to send the 15-digit selection ID to Asana, not the textual name. (:confused: I wish this weren’t the case @Asana_team) As a workaround, you can use the ‘Formatter’ step to setup a custom lookup list per field. FUN if you have multiple dropdowns…
2- If ANY of the input data items are wrong, then ALL of the custom fields end up blank, not just the one that is incorrect. Have fun troubleshooting!

Headache central.


Hi Alexis, I’m looking to create that sum (ours is task time allocation), but using the API to pull a list of all tasks assigned to the user “unassigned” so we can display this on a screen in our office and sum the custom field to create a total amount of time.

Is it possible to use the feature you mention via API? How would I go about doing this?

Hi Alistair,

Great question! This is the perfect question for our developer section of the community! I suggest that you post this question in #developers:api-tips (<-- just click the link). Our Community developers (including @LenSantos) and the Dev Rel team at Asana (@Matt_Bramlage and @Jeff_Schneider) will be happy to help!

You might want to take a look at the Screenful add-on, which can create out-of-the-box dashboards using data from custom fields. Here’s how it works:

Bridge24 for Asana works great with custom fields. The grid view allows you to display custom fields, group/sort on them, and even export them along with your tasks to Excel or CSV format.