Fail on Custom Fields with Zapier

Hi guys, I was wondering if there is any #step by step" process to get properly a connection of Zapier with Asana to get right the Custom Fields. I tried several times in many different ways but I can’t get it. Right now I just have the information populated on the “Description box” but with my current Custom Fields, this issue is really annoying. Does anyone have a solution?

Can you clarify what you are trying to do? Use Zapier to populate a custom field value? If yes I believe this is not possible.

Hi, Yeah you can do this. You need to figure out what the gid is of the custom_field that you want to work with and then, if it is an enumerated field (single or multi-select) what the gid is for the the entry on the custom_field that you want to use.

In Zapier select to use their “webhooks” feature (terrible name by them) and encode the body of the api call accordingly. Happy to help you need to be stepped through it.

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If you are not a developer, my tool Custom Fields Explorer (with a paid token) will show the gids of fields and options.