Export all tasks from multiple projects from 1 single team


Please excuse me if this question has already been asked on the forum, I was unable to find one that specifically answers my question. I am wondering if anyone here has successfully written a python script to run a scheduled export of all their tasks from a specific TEAM (my team has many projects). Ideally, I would want this script to export out all tasks from all projects into a CSV file that will be later picked up for further ETL work. I have found examples of scripts that exports all tasks from a workspace, but none from a specific TEAM. The reason why I need this is because my asana workspace houses 1000+ teams, but I am only interested in programmatically exporting out tasks from my team.


If you share the code here, I’ll be able to point you in the right direction (I hope!)

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Hi Bastien!

Here is the link to the code (credits to Paul Saluten):

FYI my workspace is so large it will not be possible to export everything out. I just need it for my team! Thanks in advance for your guidance.

Hi Jon

I came across this as I have just done exactly the same thing using the same script. To get all projects in my team I amended the ‘all_projects’ bit of the code as follows. You just need to replace ‘team_id’ with your team’s id:

team_projects = client.projects.find_all({'team': 'team_id'})
db_list = []
    for project in team_projects:
        db_list.extend(process_project_tasks(client, project, ws_dict))

I hope this helps.

On a related note, could someone tell me what the limitations are (if any) in the amount of data than can be exported using this script?

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Hi Katherine,

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!!!

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You are very welcome! :smile:

If somebody - perhaps @Bastien_Siebman? - could answer my query about whether there is a maximum number of tasks that can be exported using this script (and if so what the maximum number is) that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @KatherineH,

It doesn’t appear there is a limit. According to the text, he wrote this code specifically because he was hitting a limit with the Asana export and wanted to get around that limit. And while I didn’t dig into the actual code (I’m a C# guy myself), he describes using Asana’s paging mechanism to retrieve tasks, which is exactly what you’d use when you wanted to get all of the data.

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Hi Phil,
That’s brilliant, thanks very much for your response!

Hi Katherine! I was looking through stackoverflow and I saw you posted your solution to exporting tags on this same code.

I tried to implement your snipped of code to add tags but I am still unable to export out my tags, just only the header. I was wondering if you could help me find out what I am missing? Am I doing something wrong in the CSV_OUT_HEADER or during the process_project_tasks??

I’ve attached is an image of

my code.

I’ve figured it out, thank you!

Hi Jon - really sorry only just seen this. Glad you figured it out!

The easiest way is to use Bridge24 for Asana. You can export all tasks (Excel and CSV) from multiple projects from a single team. No need to implement with a script.

Thanks, i was looking for the script and works pretty well. My question is how do i use it to include Sub-tasks as well in the export?

Are there any no cost alternatives?

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Hello, everyone.
Please excuse me if I’m not writing in the required forum topic. I have very little experience in programming. Trying to export all Asano tasks according to @Jon7. Immediately faced with the inability to download and add the official asana API module from the Python package index (PyPI) - screenshot attached. Please help us implement the above procedure.

I believe you should create a dedicated thread or a private discussion about this so we can help without notifying everyone