Export All Data from Asana

Trying to get all tasks/projects etc pulled out of my workspace. Currently have json requests set up to handle this, but Asana servers shut me down after to many requests. Is there a better way to get all data, would like this data to be able to be live to use in a dashboard.

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Hi @Taylor_Monticelli. For a mass export I recommend that you reach out to support at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana. Otherwise, you could setup a weekly cadence where bits of information are exported at a time so the system doesn’t stop you.

Have you considered using Advanced Search for reporting instead of doing complex data exports? Advanced Search and Dashboards are Asana’s go-tos for reporting.

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Advanced search wouldn’t work. The process limits the ability to automate this process.

I seem to be on a loop for help then, but Ill email support again hoping to find an answer.

Feel free to tell them that Alexis referred you from the Community :slight_smile:

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Hello. I noticed the same problem some time ago. I solved it by creating an app that downloads tasks by Asana’s API. You can use it as well without any programming knowledge.

Look at my blog post about it: Exporting tasks from Asana for backup and analytic | by Paweł Świderski | Medium

If you have any questions please ask.


Hey Pawel,

Do you have any way of pulling doc control and / or comments from tasks with your program?

I contacted customer service for a mass export but they told me no.


Hello B11,
Do you mean export data from DocControl system to Asana?
My program exporting data from Asana.
Please explain in details what would you like to achieve.

Hey Pawel,
Could you please share your app as your link doesn’t work anymore ?
Thank you

Hey Ella,
I don’t know why the article on medium does not work for you. I can see this by using the link I put here but there is sth disturbing going on because all of my articles disappeared from google search at 11th of September :frowning:
You can look on the github GitHub - plswiderski/asanaexporter: Application for exporting your tasks from Asana. there is also a link to the article and to the built application. There are simple instructions how to run the program but full manual is in the article.
You can contact me by using a form on my website https://pablo127.bitbucket.io/ I will send you then directly the whole article.
I hope I helped.

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UPDATE: My medium’s blog should work right know.

I was trying to pull all the data for one of my Teams and didn’t see the option there, but after doing some digging I found that you can export any search in CSV format. So I just did an advanced search for the Team I wanted to pull the data from and it returned all the tasks for that team regardless of project, etc. and I was able to download them to CSV from there.

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Hello Pawel,
Do you have any way to export Asana’s tasks including attachment files? I read your article but I don’t think it includes all attachments.
Thank you

Hello Dina,
It is not possible right now but it can be as a custom development or some open source contribution. I am not planning to add this functionality to the project. You can create an issue, maybe someone else will contribute.
If you need this right now, it can be done by my company as a custom development.

Best regards,

Paweł Świderski

Hello @Pawel_Swiderski,

For my work group, tabular reports on planned and completed tasks for certain time periods are extremely necessary.
An error appears during the launch of Your app (screenshot attached). I suspect that in the past, our working group included other employees who are not currently participating in it. So many completed tasks are now without assigned persons.

Conclusion: Do I need to delete all tasks without assigned persons? Or is there some other way to fix the above error?

Hello Vysokih,

Please download the newest version of asanaexporter: https://pablo127.bitbucket.io/asanaexporter/asanaexporter-all-1.1.0.jar

You can read about changes on my blog AsanaExporter v1.1 —new features. With the new version of AsanaExporter’s… | by Paweł Świderski | Medium

Getting issues from other users and other workspaces was done in this v1.1.0.

Thank you for using Asana Exporter and that you are asking about the behavior of the program. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you for your quick response!
When using the new version for the first time (1.1.0), the following was released:

I don’t quite understand whether the required CSV file was generated? If so, where can I find it?

When reused, the following came out:

Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

You should run the program by opening console in the directory that the jar is located. In your case it would be D:\CooT

As I see with your screens, output files should be saved in C:\Windows\system32 but I am afraid that windows blocked this behavior in case of security.

If you have a problem with running java from other directories, please add java jdk to the PATH environmental variable. It is easy to find tutorial how to do it.

Let me know, how you are going with this.

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Thank you @Pawel_Swiderski

I followed these steps:

  1. copied the file cmd.exe from a folder C:\Windows\system32 to the folder I need C:\Users\Alexey\Desktop\Asana;
  2. launched the file cmd.exe and in the console corrected to the required file path asanaexporter-all-1.1.0.jar (screenshot).
  3. after all the above actions in the folder C:\Users\Alexey\Desktop\Asana the required csv file was generated!

The only problem is that if you repeat this operation, tasks from Asana are not copied - a cvs file is created without any asana tasks (both if you leave the previous healthy cvs file, and if you delete it first):

While this problem is solved by moving files cmd.exe and asanaexporter-all-1.1.0.jar to other directories before each run of the above procedure for creating a csv file.

It remains only for me to study the issue of automatic formatting of this csv file into a table (Excel, Google labs) with the necessary form for me :slightly_smiling_face:

In the case that you described 0 tasks were imported because 0 was modifed between last time of asana export and the time that you run app.

I have described this feature on my blog. You can delete lastModification.txt to export all tasks.

Hi Pawel,

unfortunately I’m getting the error message displayed in the screenshot. Although I tested different workspaces, it seems that there is still an error that I can’t solve.

Can you help me somehow?

Best Regards,