Export All Data from Asana


Trying to get all tasks/projects etc pulled out of my workspace. Currently have json requests set up to handle this, but Asana servers shut me down after to many requests. Is there a better way to get all data, would like this data to be able to be live to use in a dashboard.


Hi @Taylor_Monticelli. For a mass export I recommend that you reach out to support at https://asana.com/support/#contact-form. Otherwise, you could setup a weekly cadence where bits of information are exported at a time so the system doesn’t stop you.

Have you considered using Advanced Search for reporting instead of doing complex data exports? Advanced Search and Dashboards are Asana’s go-tos for reporting.


Advanced search wouldn’t work. The process limits the ability to automate this process.

I seem to be on a loop for help then, but Ill email support again hoping to find an answer.


Feel free to tell them that Alexis referred you from the Community :slight_smile:


Hello. I noticed the same problem some time ago. I solved it by creating an app that downloads tasks by Asana’s API. You can use it as well without any programming knowledge.

Look at my blog post about it: https://medium.com/@pablo127/exporting-tasks-from-asana-for-backup-and-analytic-9780567e430f

If you have any questions please ask.


Hey Pawel,

Do you have any way of pulling doc control and / or comments from tasks with your program?

I contacted customer service for a mass export but they told me no.



Hello B11,
Do you mean export data from DocControl system to Asana?
My program exporting data from Asana.
Please explain in details what would you like to achieve.