How to export all project data

Our company uses a lot of custom tools and reports that connect to our varying systems, such as invoicing, analytics, payroll, project health, etc. I want to be able to get the data from Asana into a one of my custom excel reports to extrapolate data and connect it to data from other aspects of the business, but the only option I see is to manually export each project. Since we have a project for each client, this would be an absolute nightmare to do every week for reporting.

Is there a way to export all of the data from Asana in one file?


The Enterprise plan has the full org export. Otherwise you should look at the API to do custom exports (I can help if needed).

You can also export the results of a search, so you could export all tasks from many projects. The new limit for export is 140k rows.

Let me know if that helps.


Hey Bastien,

That is very helpful; definite value for the Enterprise plan. I’ll bring that up to the SLT, as there are a lot of features that Enterprise gives (most excitable for me is the workflows!)

In the meantime, I would love some help with APIs! Is there a specific app that you use to do the exports?

Thanks for your help!

I’ll reach out to you regarding Enterprise.
I don’t use any specific app, I custom code things :computer: :grimacing:

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