Get all tasks for all projects in my team

I’m using Python Asana 3.2.2

I need to get every task and subtask for every project in my team.

My current approach is to get all projects for my team using .projects.get_projects(team=team['gid'], opt_fields=fields) then recursively get the tasks and subtasks for each project using .tasks.get_subtasks_for_task(task['gid'], opt_fields=fields)

Unfortunately, using this method and just getting the compact version of each task/subtask can take over an hour due to the sheer number of requests it takes to pull all the data.

I’m sure there’s a better way to do this, but I’m not sure which to use. I’m all for reworking how I store the data from the ground up if it means I can reduce the overall retrieval time.

Hi @Geoff_Hellstrand , welcome to the forum!

I don’t think there’s a better method to query all data you need.

Some things you can do to help make the process faster

First, in your “opt_fields”, make sure you add the “num_subtasks” field.
Then, only query subtasks that has num_subtasks > 0.

Also, you can use the “batch” endpoint, that allows you to query up to 10 subtasks at a time using only 1 request (but it will count as 10 query in your quota)

Finally, you can check for recursivity, as each subtask can also have subtasks, up to 5 levels deep.

But, there’s no miracle solution, it will take a very long time!

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Thanks for the info. Not great news, but I’ll take it.

A few things, though.

  1. The batch system, while I’m familiar with the concept, I’ve always been confused on how to implement and I can’t find any working examples to use as a reference. Do you happen to have any references I could look at?
  2. Quota? What quota?
  3. I already look recursively for subtasks of subtasks, hence why it takes over an hour to retrieve them. It only takes about 15 minutes if I stick to the top level of tasks. I have considered using the num_subtasks field, but I’m not convinced that would be faster than just trying to pull subtasks as-is. I’ll have to try it out and see if there’s a significant difference.

1500 / minute

If 95% of your tasks have subtasks, you are right. But no doing a call is faster than doing it?
If your parent tasks indicates that there’s no subtasks, why query them, when you know that the answer is an empty array?

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