Python Request - GET Tasks Using Project Gid


To give you a little background, I’m trying to establish an API connection between Asana and my companies internal database. The goal is to get all available data related to tasks across all projects. Then once I’m able to pull this data I’d like to funnel this data into our internal database.

Since I have used python lightly in the past, I thought I’d try to get started on this API connection using python. Using the API Explorer it seems that the below code will get all task info depending on the project gid.

**GET /projects/:project_gid/tasks**

What python code would be needed to translate this into python? Also once I have the correct python code where would the data be stored before getting funneled into our internal database? I’d like to troubleshoot the data initially before funneling this data into the database.

Your help is greatly appreciated! Let me know if you have any questions.