API returns Empty/ Forbidden Projects

We used to be able to access our projects using the API python code:
Client.projects.find_all( workspace_gid )

But it now returns an empty dataframe/ generator item, as does trying to access it using GET /projects
result = client.projects.get_projects({‘param’: ‘value’, ‘param’: ‘value’}, opt_pretty=True)

When I search for the the API itself, I can see all the relevant details- gids for workspace, teams, projects etc. https://app.asana.com/api/1.0/projects

However, if I try to insert one of these into GET /projects/{project_gid}
result = client.projects.get_project(project_gid, {‘param’: ‘value’, ‘param’: ‘value’}, opt_pretty=True)

I get ‘ForbiddenError: Forbidden: You do not have access to this project.’

We have not changed any permissions besides our business trial ending.

I’d appreciate any assistance in this please!! Thanks in advance.