Problems with Get_project - return empty

Hi to everybody, My name is Manuel and now I working in a project in python where we can get the information in asana i don’t have problems consulting workspaces/users/teams/etc but when i wanna do a request to get the details about that project all the time i have the same warning but the info it’s empty

“new_project_templates” deprecation. Please visit this url for more info: A new API for Project Templates
Adding “new_project_templates” to your “Asana-Enable” or “Asana-Disable” header will opt in/out to this deprecation and suppress this warning.
Detail project [‘gid’, ‘archived’, ‘color’, ‘completed’, ‘completed_at’, ‘created_at’, ‘current_status’, ‘current_status_update’, ‘custom_fields’, ‘custom_field_settings’, ‘default_view’, ‘due_on’, ‘due_date’, ‘followers’, ‘is_template’, ‘members’, ‘modified_at’, ‘name’, ‘notes’, ‘owner’, ‘permalink_url’, ‘public’, ‘resource_type’, ‘start_on’, ‘team’, ‘workspace’]

the request is : result = client.projects.get_project(‘xxxxxxxxxxx’, {}, opt_pretty=True)

I read the documentation and I understand about the warning but i don’t getting why the consulting return empty!! the id project it’s correct

Please somebody can help me

Hi @Manuel_Solis and welcome to the forum,

If you haven’t done this yet, have you tried a simple request of just asking for the project name? Are you able to have that work?

Hi phil and thnx for the answered, but i don’t know how i can get de details of the project with only the name, existing another method? Or maybe i have to replace the id project with the name and thats all?

Sorry for any confusion - I didn’t mean for my suggestion as an end solution but as a way to debug by starting simple and building from there. You have A LOT of properties in your request; I’m not 100% sure they’re all valid or if one or some of them might perhaps be causing the issue. By starting with just the name, you can establish whether it’s something in your fields list that’s messing things up, or if you’re not able to even do the simplest request, in which case something else is amiss.