Typo (I think) within python example script / example-script.py

I was looking on how to retrieve projects via the python api. Looking at the script provided on the asana python github there is a section that shows how to pull up projects within a workspace. It starts by isolating the workspace and getting the gid of that workspace. Using that gid it finds projects within that workspace. Well within the example-script.py line 71

projects = client.projects.find_by_workspace(personal_projects[‘id’], iterator_type=None)

See the typo ? Its referencing a dictionary key value as id and not gid.

As a beginner with the asana api this really derailed my flow for such a simple objective.

Anyways just thought it would be brought to someones attention. Again I am a beginner and could be wrong, please correct me if I am.

As I navigate this api I would be willing to volunteer to make dumb simple scripts to show new comers the way. Almost a FAQ but in script form showing how to do very simple things with very simple code. There is a lot of jargon within the documentation and can be off putting. Let me know what you guys think.

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This is definitely a mistake, ids have been migrated to gid years ago. @AndrewWong you might want to fix it :slight_smile:
Thanks Derek!

No worries !

Hope everyone’s week is going well!

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