Getting 400 response when adding a 16 character Project GID via API

We are currently using the Asana API to add tasks from a custom form on our intranet.

Recently, I added a new project in Asana and I tried to submit a task to it through our custom app and I am getting a 400 response when using the GID of the newly created project. When I test the code with a GID from another project it works fine. The only difference is the new GID is longer than the older ones (16 characters).

Any Ideas? Thanks for any insight.

error from asana:
POST 400 (Bad Request)

Hi @Michael_Duncan,

Asana’s gid's do vary in length, so that’s not the issue.

The API includes a text message when it returns an error, so find that message for more info on what’s wrong. (If you have trouble finding it in your code, you can issue the same call using Postman and the message will be very evident.)

Here is the JSON error response…
{“errors”:[{“message”:“You should specify one of workspace, project, tag, section, user_task_list”,“help”:“For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors: Asana”}]}

When I use an older project ID when testing, it works fine. I add the new project GID and suddenly Asana gives the 400 code. I made sure that the user id from which I am making the call is added to the project. Is there omething I am missing?

Thank you for commenting on this.

That’s odd indeed. Can you post the working and non-working requests you’re sending? I’m just hunting for clues…