Executive Reporting - need help!

Hi Asana Forum,

I currently find the capabilities of the “reporting” feature of Asana very limited.

I can only create quantitative data (milestone counts, simple bars / charts) and nothing qualitative can be represented via the reporting feature. I am in serious need of developing a one-pager executive reporting highlighting key risks, issues, expected quarterly goals etc.

Each of these fields required ‘free-text’ from users, i.e. allowing them to explain the risks / issues related to the project.

Genuinely asking the Asana Community what has been done as best practice for executive reporting. I am now looking at the Asana <> Gsheet integration to extract portfolio data and creating customized column to extract the free text. In addition, you can extract status updates but reformatting each project update within a portfolio of 300 projects will be tedious.

Any suggestions, highly appreciated! Really need advice :slight_smile:

Erik V